About Us

My name is Yee, and I named my restaurant Lucky Yee because I am very lucky to have the opportunity to serve the wonderful people of New Albany the best Chinese food in all of Columbus. Many of my most frequent visitors tell me my restaurant is the absolute best, and they've asked me to write down my story to share with others.
     I love to eat, and I love to create and wok up exciting Chinese  dishes for you to enjoy. My favorite creation is Lucky Yee chicken. The  sweet and sour flavors come together to make a rich dish with some spicy  flare. Try this, or perhaps sesame beef.
     This customer favorite has an exotic infusion of flavors you can  only find at Lucky Yee! Our hot pepper chicken, which has hot peppers,  garlic, and ginger, is a spicy creation made for those who really enjoy  an extra kick of spicy flavor. Another dish is one that I created  myself; teriyaki chicken. This healthy dish is sweet and a little salty  and a favorite of many.
     Lucky Yee serves pick-up or delivery, and if you like, we have a  few tables that you could dine in with us. Please come and enjoy the  delicious Chinese food at Lucky Yee. We are located at 5537 New Albany  Rd.E. We are at the corner of Central College Rd. next to Walgreens.